Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kaiona, Hawaiian Goddess of Lost Souls

“E Kaiona aloha I kuhia mai ke `ala.”
O Beloved Kaiona, Goddess of the Lost, let the pathway be pointed out.

Kaiona resides in Ka`ala, the biggest mountain range on the island of Oahu, where the sacred Ohia trees grow with their radiant, red Lehua flowers blooming in abundance.
Kaiona’s name means beautiful ocean. She is a goddess of great spiritual wisdom guiding those who need help with the gentle kindness of her loving heart.
Kaiona helps anyone who loses his way in the mountains by sending her ‘iwa bird to guide them onto the right path.

“He lokomaika‘i ka manu o Kaiona. Kind is the bird of Kaiona.” 

Kaiona offers physical and spiritual guidance for those who are lost in body or soul. Sometimes the soul is adrift in darkness and confusion. Wherever we are, Kaiona awaits our call, gracing us with her loving presence to illuminate a path into the light.

The enchanting spirit of Aloha of the Goddess of the Lost inspired the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehune Dolls Kaiona and ‘Iwa.
Here is part of Kaiona’s and ‘Iwa’s story:

Kaiona is named after the kindhearted Hawaiian Goddess of Lost Souls. Kaiona has a loving, gentle heart and never ending compassion for those in need of help.
Kaiona’s aumakua (ancestral spirit) is ‘Iwa, the indigenous Hawaiian frigate bird. Together they walk through the sacred Ohia forest offering guidance and support to all who are lost in body or souls.
When a Menehune wanders off in the forest, Kaiona asks ‘Iwa to lead him to the proper path.
‘Iwa soars and glides gracefully through the air, safely guiding the Menehune back to his Ohana (family).
Sometimes the Menehunes feel sad and confused. They then call on Kaiona who always appears without fail to share her insights and provide guidance and comfort. Kaiona's kindhearted Mana (spiritual energy) helps to resolve all worries and trouble. Soon the Menehunes once again wear big smiles of happiness and contentment on their faces.

Pray to, dance and sing for Kaiona! Wherever you are, she awaits your call and will grace you with her loving presence to illuminate a path into the light...

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