Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kamapua'a, the Hawaiian Pig God

"Kauhale o Kamapua`a 
Wehiwehi i ka nahele 
Ka uhi pa`a ka noe 
Me anuenue i ke awawa 

Home of Kamapua`a 
Adorned with growth 
Covered with mist 
With rainbows in the valley"

According to Hawaiian legend, Kamapua’a was born on the island of Oahu. Kamapua’a had superhuman powers and was often referred to as Pua’a Akua (Hog God). As a kupua (demigod) he could change at will from a handsome loveable man to a destructive hog.

Pele, Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, and Kamapua’a were once lovers. Their romance didn’t last very long and soon turned into competitive battles, in which Kamapua’a unsuccessfully tried to extinguish Pele’s flame.

Many formations around the islands are considered evidence of the fierce battles between Pele and Kamapua’a. Eventually, Pele granted Kamapua’a to reign in the rainforests of Kohala, Hamakua and Hilo.

Kamapua’a became protector of the pigs and the cascading waterfalls bestowing abundant growth to the lands of Hawaii.

The legendary Hawaiian Pig God, Kamapua'a, inspired the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehune Kama and his Aumakua (Guardian Spirit) Pua'a.

Kama and Pua'a
(Guardian and Pig)

Birthdate: Pepeluali 26, 2014 (02/26/14) 

Pua’a is Kama’s Aumakua (Guardian Spirit). Kama and Pua’a are so closely connected that they became inseparable friends. 

Kama and Pua’a are the Menehune’s guardians. Together they walk fearlessly through the beautiful forest in the Kaiholena Mountains watching for dangers and threats to their beloved Ohana (family). Kama, carrying his ihe (spear), and Pua’a with his tusks are always ready to protect the Menehunes from all harm.

Learn to be aware and watchful like Kama and Pua’a. Let their Mana (spiritual energy) of strength and courage flow into you. 

Kama and Pua’a channel strength and courage.


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