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Rainbows of Hawaii

O ka 'onohi ula o ka lani ko inoa
The rainbow of heaven is your name

Anuenue, the Hawaiian rainbow, is the pathway between dimensions in Hawaiian mythology. The rainbow was often associated with messages from the spirit world and death. Death was believed to be a transformation of the soul where it began to move between the earth and upper realms of the ancestors. The soul then became a god who was able to enjoy earthly abundance. The rainbow was the path the Gods used to travel from Nu'umealani, 'the sacred raised land of the heavenly ones', down to earth.

The rainbow is a symbol of transformation and pathways to the heavens of raised consciousness and enlightenment. The clouds and shadows in nature and within ourselves are illuminated by the rainbow. The rainbow shines light upon all that interferes with unity and wholeness.

O ka 'onohi ula o ka lani ko inoa
The rainbow of heaven is your name

'Ula' means flame, 'Inoa' means name. The rainbow ignites the spiritual in your name. It refers to those who are related by the fire in their spirits, which burns for peace, harmony, justice and love of the earth. In the heat of this fire, Rainbow Warriors fight fear and doubt pursuing the rainbow path. The ancient wisdom of the rainbow can be found in all cultures and is actively used to eternalize peace and harmony in the world. Rainbow Warriors teach this ancient wisdom to those who have forgotten.
Clouds, thunder, lightning and rain precede the shining beauty of every rainbow. As you go through transformations and move on to new realms of existence, the rainbow lights the way to your pot of gold.

Anuenue,the Hawaiian Rainbow Goddess, is a messenger of the Gods. Also called, the Beauty of Manoa, she was born of the divine wind and rain of Manoa Valley on Oahu. Since ancient times the valley has been regarded as “the royal palace of rainbows,” where Anuenue, the beautiful Rainbow Maiden, can be seen playing wherever the light of sun touches the misty rain. Anuenue is so beautiful that a rainbow follows her wherever she goes.
Anuenue was raised by her grandmother Waka in a secret forest clearing in Manoa Valley. Waka surrounded her Mo'opuna Wahine (granddaughter) in a fine mist to guard her maidenhood until she would be ready to marry a man of highest royalty. There Anuenue lives up to this day.
Her 'I’iwi bird guardians bring her gifts of Ohia Lehua blossom as Anuenue watches over the Aina (sacred land). 

Rainbows are seen so frequently in Hawaii, that the Islands are often called 'the Rainbow State'.
To the ancient Hawaiians rainbows were a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Babies destined to become great chieftains were born with rainbows over their homes and accompanied by rainbows throughout their lives. 

Rainbow Warrior

Rainbows were such an important part of Hawaiians culture that they were often portrayed in petroglyphs. A woman with an arch or rainbow signifies she is wise, honored and respected. A man and a rainbow in a petroglyph is interpreted as the keeper of the land and its people. Such petroglyphs are found in the Big Island’s lava fields and in the sacred Iao Valley of Maui.

Some natives have said that each color of the rainbow represents a Goddess and thinking of that color will bring about the element associated with it:

-White represents the element of water and the Goddess Hina who bestows knowledge and awareness.

-Earth Goddess Haumea promises freedom and release. She bears the color red. A stone is used as her element.

-Orange is for the Volcano Goddess Pele who infuses energy and focus. She commands the fire element.

-Yellow is for the Goddess Hi’iaka who gives presence and purpose. Her element is the wind.

-Purple is for Goddess Uli, who endows success and effectiveness. People are her element.

-Green is for the element of plants and Goddess Laka, who showers love and compassion.

-Blue is for the Goddess Kapo, the giver of power and ability. An animal is her element.

The rainbow represents the bridge that connects us to the source.

Magical Menehune girl Anuenue was created in honor of the beautiful Hawaiian rainbow and its inspiring spiritual significance.

Anuenue, Hawaiian Rainbow Goddess
Birth Date: 'Aukake 24, 2014 (08-24-14)

O ka 'onohi ula o ka lani ko inoa
The rainbow of heaven is your name

The gentle drum of the Ipu (gourd) echoes through the Ohia Forest as a beautiful rainbow slowly approaches the Menehune village. Full of excitement, the Menehunes run to the gathering place. Anuenue is coming! She is their bringer of good luck and prosperity.
Anuenue is named after the Hawaiian Rainbow Goddess. Anuenue is so lovely that a rainbow follows her wherever she goes. One of the most beautiful rainbows just couldn't let go and imbued itself onto her dress.

Believe in your dreams and follow Anuenue on the rainbow path. Like the rainbow, her Mana (spiritual energy) illuminates the way to your pot of gold.

Anuenue's head is surrounded by a halo of fragrant Maile and sacred yellow Lehua Blossoms. Crystal bracelets adorn her wrists and the flower on her dress. 
Maile is the lei of eternal love. Lehua means "Flower sacred to the Gods" in the Hawaiian language. Crystals inspire spiritual strength, unity and love.
Hawaiian gourds grow on a vine. Anuenue’s Tutu (grandmother) picked the most beautiful of the Ipus. She cleaned, polished and decorated it with a purple crystal and cord.
It was her sacred gift of 
Aloha (Love) to her Mo’opuna (granddaughter) and became Anuenue’s most treasured possession.

Anuenue is about 3.5” tall fitting in the palm of your hand. The body is made out of stretch cotton and wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. She has tiny little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button. All of Anuenue’s accessories were individually handcrafted.
Guarded by the Tiki God of Love, Anuenue chants softly to the sound of her Ipu worshipping the enchanting Ohia Forest.

Anuenue is a one of a kind collectible display doll handcrafted by 
Hawaiian Dolls. She comes with the Tiki God of Love, her story and a certificate of authenticity.

Anuenue is the bearer of good luck and prosperity.

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