Monday, November 12, 2012

Miraculous Rituals

Rituals have extraordinary potential to transform thoughts and wishes into reality. 

They have the power to create healing transitions, restore peace and harmony within ourselves or in relationships, provide materialistic gains, and fulfill many more of our deepest desires.

We are energy connected to all energies in the Universe. In ritual we open the deepest part of our soul to communicate with the spiritual realm. To ensure a positive outcome, rituals must be performed with humbleness, love, and for the highest good of all. An offering should always be given to express our respect and gratitude.

In my opinion rituals have only one set rule: Whatever you wish for, how you perform your ritual, your offerings, etc., it all must come from the depth of your heart for the good of all. Other than that we must create our own individual rituals that feel right just for us. This also applies to the timing of the ritual. The right time to perform a ritual is not necessarily during the full moon or any other set schedule. The right time is when we are in alignment with our energy.

This doesn't mean certain guidelines from other cultural or personal rituals can’t be adopted. But we can personalize and alter these concepts to mold them into our beliefs and personalities. For example, whether you use rice, a part of a plant, rock salt, or anything else as an offering entirely depends on what feels right to you, not on what was recommended for a certain procedure.

Rituals can be compared to a very powerful prayer. I personally only perform them when I feel an intense need to do so. The reasons may be feelings of insecurity, the need for guidance to assure the right outcome of a certain situation, or there may be a strong desire to gain something from the material world.
Only the most pressing issues will motivate me to perform a ritual because it is such an intent and powerful act, it should never be done casually.
Calming the mind and body through meditation is essential prior to the performance of a ritual and establishes a connection to the universal energies.

Having lived in Hawaii for the past 30 years, I have integrated many aspects of Hawaiian culture and spirituality into my rituals.
There are many beautiful Hawaiian chants to effectuate a ritual. I would like to share the powerful Hawaiian prosperity chant with you:

E Laka e
E Laka i ka leo
E Laka i ka loa'a
E Laka i ka wai wai
E Laka i na mea a pau
Ano ai ke aloha e

Oh goddess Laka
0 Laka, queen of the voice
0 Laka, giver of gifts
0 Laka, giver of bounty
0 Laka, giver of all things
I greet you with love.

Rituals are an extraordinary way to honor our magnificence and all we can be.

My deep respect for the power of rituals inspired the creation of the Magical Hawaiian Menehune Twins, Pahulani and Lamaku, who perform a Hawaiian ritual which leads to victory over all obstacles.

Here is part of Pahulani’s and Lamku’s story:

Pahulani (Little Drummer Girl) and Lamaku (Torch Bearer) are twins. Their Manas (spiritual energies) are so intensely connected that they are inseparable. 
Pahulani is a Menehune Kamali’i Wahine (Princess) and Lamaku is a Menehune Kamali’i Kane (Prince). Their parents are the Ali’i (King and Queen) of the Kaiholena Menehunes.
The beat of Pahulani’s Pahu (Drum) signals major events. Lamaku’s Kukui Nut Ihoiho(torch) is the shining heart of truth and love. Together they perform a sacred Hawaiian ritual.
Pahulani’s drum and drum stick are handmade out of wood, raffia, felt, and beads.
She wears red feather leis around her head, wrists, and ankles. In Hawaii the Hulu (feather) is believed to link to the divine.
Pahulani and Lamaku wear Maile Leis (native Hawaiian vine) around their necks which connect them to the spiritual world and each other.
Lamaku’s Ihoiho (torch) is handmade out of bamboo, wood, Lauhala, and raffia. It is fueled with Kukui Nut oil. According to ancient Hawaiian beliefs Kukui represents the inner light of spirit shining brightly...

Listening to Pahulani’s and Lamaku’s chants leads to victory over all obstacles.

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