Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hawaiian Angels, Guardians of the Soul

There is a love we always can depend on. We were born with it in the loving embrace of our guardian angel. Some may call it our inner spirit being whose devotion and infinite wisdom guards, guides and enlightens us on our life’s journey. All we ever need to do is turn within and ask our angel for help or inspiration. There always is a response offering strength and guidance. Maybe the answer doesn’t come right away, but there will be that moment of clarity when we just know what we need to do.
Awareness and opening ourselves to receive the message is crucial. Otherwise, it may be overlooked or not perceived correctly. Messages can come through a voice, a vision, a dream, or a sign. We must welcome this heavenly advice. Sometimes we may reject the message because it would lead us on a path we don’t want to take. The course of action may not make sense but somewhere inside it feels like the right thing to do. We then have to take the detour and follow this heavenly inner guidance trusting that everything is unfolding in a divine perfection which lays way beyond our imagination. Following the enlightened path of our guardian angel often leads to a seemingly magical, almost effortless conclusion of the issue.
Ancient Hawaiians referred to angels as Awaiku, the spiritual nature of human being. The Awaikus came from a place called Kaulike, where everything was in balance. Their home is Lanikeha, the high sky. Hawaiian Kahunas (magicians) called on the Awaiku’s healing powers, their protection and guidance in all life situations.
In most cultures the essence of angels is unconditional love. They beckon us to enter our sacred inner space to illuminate our lives with the light of consciousness.
The spirit of Christmas and the devotion of guardian angels inspired the creation of Anelalani (Heavenly Angel), a Hawaiian Menehune Christmas angel.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Celebrating the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii

 Alohalani (Heavenly Love) and Pu'ukani (Musician)

Let the spirit of Aloha shine from your heart!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Hawaiian Honu, Aumakua of Wisdom and Good Luck

The Hawaiian Honu (sea turtle) represents longevity, safety and Mana (spiritual energy). Native Hawaiians consider her the bearer of good luck and peace. Many Hawaiians worship the Honu as their ‘aumakua or ancestral spirit guide whose wisdom protects and leads them throughout their lives.
The Honu is honored for the wisdom that comes with age. It is believed that it can live up to 80 years. Sea turtles have evolved about 180 million years ago, long before the Hawaiian Islands were formed. They are one of the few ancient species who outlived the dinosaurs.
Punalu’u Black sands Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii is the sanctuary of the sacred sea turtles. It is the feeding ground for the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Honu) and the nesting ground for the Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtle (Honu`ea). Both species are seriously endangered due to increasing coastal development, illegal hunting, toxic runoffs, and many other issues. Much effort has been made to save these ancient creatures from extinction.
The sea turtle is the only indigenous reptile of Hawaii and has become a significant symbol of the islands. The word for land in the Hawaiian language is 'aina honua. Native Hawaiian’s deep love and respect for the Honu is revealed in their mythology, petroglyphs, and artwork.
A well known story of the Honu is the legend of Kauila, the Hawaiian Turtle Goddess:

The mystical sea turtle Kauila was born on the black sandy shores of Punalu'u, in the district of Ka'u on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her mother and father were Honupo'okea and Honu’ea.
Honupo'okea gave birth to a very special egg with the color and shape similar to a piece of kauila wood. She buried her egg in the black sand to be warmed by the Hawaiian sun until it was ready to hatch. Before returning to the sea, Honupo'okea and Honu’ea used their flippers to dig deep into the earth forming a fresh water pond near their precious nest.
When the egg hatched a beautiful baby turtle emerged. She was dark and glossy, like kauila wood. Mother and daughter lived at the fresh water pond until Kauila was old enough to be on her own.
Punalu'u became Kauila’s home. The bottom of the fresh water pond was her resting place where the air bubbles from her breath would rise to the top of the pond delighting the children of Ka'u. Kauila loved the children so much that she would sometime change herself into a little girl to keep watch over them and play with them on the black sandy shores. The people of Ka'ū loved Kauila as the guardian of their children and also for her spring that gave them pure drinking water.

Kauila’s presence can still be felt today by observing the sea turtles who inhabit this special place.
A bronze plaque at Punalu'u Black Sands Beach honors Hawaii’s Honus and "The Legend of Kauila".

My deep respect for the ancient wisdom of the Honu inspired the creation of Honu Keiki, the Turtle Child.

Here is part of Honu Keiki’s story:

He nani lua 'ole
Ku'u wehi o nâ lani
He kilohana 'oe
Na'u e pûlama mau
Hô'olu i ka poli e
Mehana i ke anu e.

I can smile when it's raining
Touch the warmth of the sun
I hear children laughing
In this place that I love
Where I live there are rainbows
With life in the laughter of morning
And birds filled with song

The Menehunes are softly chanting a Hawaiian lullaby to Honu Keiki. He is their Keiki Punahele (beloved child). The Menehunes rejoice in Honu Keiki’s sweet innocence. They love him and take turns watching over him at all times. When Honu Keiki is hungry, they nurture him with his favorite treats, warm baby milk and Mai’as (bananas).
Surrounded by his Ohana’s (family’s) Aloha (love), Honu Keiki lies contently in his coconut cradle sucking on his thumb. The deep inner knowing that he is always taken care of fills him with trust and love.
Honu Keiki is named after his 
Aumakua (Guardian Spirit), the Hawaiian Sea Turtle. The little green Turtle in his coconut cradle has become his constant companion and closest friend. Together they rejoice in the Mana of peace and happiness that surrounds them.
Honu Keiki is deeply connected with the ancient wisdom of the Turtle. The Hawaiian Honu represents long life, safety, peace, and good luck.

Allow the Honu’s wisdom to embrace you and guide you on your quest...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Power of Thought

Opihi, the Menehune Fisher Boy

About 27 years ago, I was introduced to Shakti Gawain’s book “Creative Visualization”. Reading it drastically changed the way I live my life. Do we really have control over our destinies just by visualizing our dreams and thinking positive, affirming thoughts? Reflecting on my own life, my answer definitely is:” Yes, we do!” I have proven it to myself many times. In the past, I manifested my dream of the “Home of My Heart” just by using visualization for the pleasure of it, without believing in anything. 
After this magical manifestation, I have made it a habit to meditate, visualize, affirm my beliefs, and think the right thought. The results have been simply amazing, turning me into a true believer of the higher power and our oneness with the energies of the Universe. 
Listening to Mike Dooley’s audio program “Infinite Possibilities” has further strengthened my belief in “thoughts becoming the things and events of life” as well as inspired the creation of the Menehune boy Opihi. 
Opihi gives the perfect example of how simple it is to create reality by using visualization combined with affirmative thoughts. Opihi imagines the things he would like to happen in detail. 

Here is part of Opihi’s story:

Opihi loves to play. While he waits patiently for the right fish to come to his pole he visualizes what it will be like when his Menehune Kaukinis (cousins), Wiliwili, Mahimahi and Nalu, come down to the beach and they start playing together. Opihi imagines how they will swim in the ocean, build castles in the black sand, and play races with the black beach crabs. They will have a blast! Opihi knows that his thoughts are like seeds which grow into reality. 
Sure enough: there come his Kaukinis, Wiliwili, Mahimahi, and Nalu and the fun begins!

Look at Opihi and let your thoughts too become the seeds of what you wish to harvest! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home of My Heart, A Story of Manifestation

Living in Hawaii has been my greatest inspiration and led me to many wonderful things including writing "Home of My Heart" and the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehunes.
After 29 years in Hawaii my accent still gives me away. The first thing people always ask me is:” Where are you from? You have an accent.” I tell them, I was born and raised in Germany. The next question is:” What brought you to Hawaii?” My answer always is:” A coincidence.” Explaining this “coincidence” was one of the reasons I decided to write my story.
I thought about writing "Home of My Heart" for a long time. A couple of years ago I finally did it. Writing it, I wanted to remind myself of the power of thought and visualization, the miracles in life, the love of the Universe. But above all else, I wanted to inspire, empower and strengthen the beliefs of others by telling them about one of the miracles in my life. This brings me more joy than words can say.
May you be blessed with everything your heart desires. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hawaiian Spirituality and Culture

Following an inspiration, I started creating miniature dolls. Surprisingly, something which I would have never thought I had the patience to do has become my most cherished endeavor. For me, it is the most thrilling experience to look at a finished doll and see that it has come alive. It actually has a soul and a story to tell.
Magical Hawaiian Menehunes are little messengers of Hawaiian spirituality. They all convey a personal, inspirational message following concepts of Hawaiian spirituality and culture. Each Menehune's Mana carries the spiritual power of Hawaii.
Hawaiian Menehunes open the gateway to the magical world of our inner child, helping us to reconnect with our deepest and purest spiritual essence. They remind us of our origin, of the innocence, purity, and divinity within us. Magical Hawaiian Menehunes are meant to be Guardian Angels and Good Luck Charms.
I write each babies inspirational story using many Hawaiian words as well as following concepts of Hawaiian spirituality and culture. The story is an integral part of the doll because it reflects their personality and conveys guidance, protection, and inspiration. Each individual doll is the result of passionate creativity, detailing, and love. Often it takes a long time to finish a Menehune and his or her cradle because the work is never finished until the baby has a spirit and a soul. I put a great deal of my Mana (spiritual energy) into each individual Menehune until it becomes a part of me and I fall in love with him or her. As a result, I get very attached to each doll and it is always difficult for me to let them go. Menehune Mana conveys the essence of Hawaii paired with spiritual truth. My main objective with Magical Hawaiian Menehunes is to bring incredible joy and inspiration to people.

Here is part of Ipu’s, the little Menehune drummer girl`s, story:

Ipu is a Menehune Kaikamahine (Girl). She honors the presence of life by chanting and dancing to the sacred rhythm of her Ipu (gourd/drum), which she is named after. Ipu is a Menehune Kamali’i Wahine (princess). The green feather leis around her head, wrists, and ankles are made for the Ali’i (royalty), and are believed to link to the divine. Ipu’s Hawaiian Kukui Nut lei represents light, hope, and renewal. Her beautiful long, black hair is adorned with a white Plumeria flower. In the evenings her brother Kahiki accompanies Ipu in her chants with his Ukulele. All the Menehunes love to listen to them and clap their hands with delight to the rythm of the music. Together they sing about their Aloha Aina (love of the land)...

Ipu invites you to celebrate all that is sacred with her. Let all your cares fall away, discover that which brings you joy, and soar with Ipu beyond all limitations.