Friday, August 23, 2013

The Spirit of Hawaii's Cowboys

Paniolo & Lio (Cowboy & Horse)

Hawaii's cowboys, or paniolos, have been cattle ranching the Island’s vast pasturelands for over 175 years. The memories of paniolos are deeply rooted in the values of hard work, perseverance, love and respect for the land. Their cultural and spiritual history is rich in tradition and pride. Hawaiian cowboys have always malama ‘aina (honored the land) with everything they did.
Until today paniolos continue to raise, herd, brand, and market cattle. The cowboys rely on their horses to round up the wild pipi (cattle). Paniolos use a particular method called Po'o Waiu. Today, Po’o Waiu is a rodeo event where the paniolos perform their unmatched roping and riding skills.
There is a deep bond between paniolos and their horses. They are loyal partners holding one another’s fate with their lives and well being depending on each other.
The Hawaiian cowboy’s traditions and values are timeless. Powerful parallels have been established between ancient Hawaiian culture and the free spirited way of life of the paniolo.

The vibrant history of the Hawaiian cowboy inspired the creation of “Paniolo & Lio”, the Menehune cowboy and his horse.
Here is part of Paniolo’s and Lio’s story:

Paniolo is a Hawaiian Menehune cowboy. Paniolo rides Lio, his Menehune Horse, through the beautiful Kaiholena Mountains exhilarating in their speed and the glory of the indigenous Hawaiian Ohia Forest. Lio runs like the wind with Paniolo swinging his lasso and shouting:” Yee-haw”, to the spirit of all creations.
Paniolo’s and Lio’s outings are a celebration of the Aloha (Love) spirit of Hawaii.
Sometimes Paniolo ropes some of the pipi (cattle) to save them from getting hurt or lost, but most of the time he uses his lasso to catch freedom and happiness for his Menehune Ohana (family), Lio, and himself. Paniolo is an expert with the lasso. He never misses his target.

Trust Paniolo to catch your most heartfelt desires with his lasso! 

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