Monday, May 4, 2015

The Mysteries of Ho'oponopono

(Harmony and Blessing)


E aloha kakou 
Ho’omau kakou 
Malama kakou 
Ikaika kakou 


We are loving 
We persevere 
We are caring
We are strong”

(Maka'ala Yates)

Many people claim Hawaiian Ho’oponopono is one of the most powerful healing techniques. Is this true? What is it all about?
Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian way of “making things right”. (ho’o-to make, pono-right)It is a powerful Hawaiian ritual which has been used for many years to manifest healing, love, peace, and harmony within ourselves and our relationships.
According to Hawaiian beliefs, we are connected through our aka (cords of energy, also umbilical cord) to each other and everything around us. The relationship to ourselves, nature, and others is like a net. If any part of it is in disharmony the whole net becomes tangled, resulting in frictions and conflicts.
Through Ho’oponopono we are releasing guilt, resentments, or tensions correlated with past behaviors and restoring the net with balance and harmony.
The ancient Hawaiian ceremony of Ho’oponopono is all about forgiveness and forgiving to clear the path in order to ascend to peace and harmony within ourselves. If we take responsibility, all problems can be solved from within. In Ho’oponopono we are forgiving others and ultimately forgiving ourselves.

The ritual of Ho’oponopono always begins with a Hawaiian pule (prayer) of heartfelt love, humbleness and respect for the Divine within and all around us.

Chanting the Ho’oponopono prayer we are not only making things right within ourselves and the people in our current relationships, we are also asking for forgiveness from our ancestors. The power does not lie in the ritual and/or mediator but in our heartfelt intention and sincere desire to correct the wrong.
Communication between ourselves and the divine is of extraordinary importance in the ritual of Ho’oponopono. Words, spoken with heartfelt love, possess tremendous power to manifest positive changes.

Ho’oponopono is a way of letting go and clearing the path. We can balance and resolve internal conflicts within ourselves, our relationships, or our surroundings through Ho’oponopono.

The end result is true healing and enlightenment. With Ho’oponopono we can erase or change unwanted negative energies and thoughts, replacing them with new thoughts which ultimately will bring about peace, harmony, and love. Through Ho'oponopono, the power of forgiveness manifests miraculous results.

33 years ago, I became a firm believer in the tremendous power of Ho’oponopono and have been using it ever since. Here is how I was introduced to this transformational Hawaiian healing ritual: I left Germany and moved to Hawaii with my 4 year old son when I was 27 years old. My mother was devastated that her only child and grandchild had moved so far away from her. Understandably, she was very angry, sad, and depressed and refused to talk to me on the phone or respond to my letters. I love my mother and was extremely upset, because I did not know how to restore our relationship.

I told one of my neighbors, an older Hawaiian man who later became a dear friend of mine, about my problem. He said:” You must use Ho’oponopono with your mother. It will heal and resolve your conflicts.” He then wrote the Ho’oponopono prayer on a piece of paper for me and told me to keep reading it out loud to myself with lots of love and sincerity. I will never forget when he said, that the spoken words of the Ho’oponopono prayer have tremendous power and radiate energy which will restore peace and harmony. At the time, all this was hard to believe, but I did it anyways with the very intense desire to heal the relationship between my mother and me. After about one week of using Ho’oponopono, I received the first letter from my mother which started the resolution of our relationship problems.
I would like to share my Hawaiian friend’s Ho’oponopono prayer with you, hoping that it might lead you to peace and harmony within yourself and your relationships:

Divine (name that which is sacred to you),
If I (fill in your name), and family and ancestors have at any time offended (fill in their name) their family, relatives and ancestors in words, thoughts and deeds from the beginning of our creation to the presence I humbly ask forgiveness for myself, family and ancestors.
Release us from spiritual, mental, physical, financial, and karmic ties from the beginning of our creation to the presence. If others have offended me I forgive them. Pull out of our memory banks and bio computers all unwanted negative energies and blocks we have created and or accumulated.
Cut all the ties that bind us together. Transmute all unwanted negative energies to pure light that divine order, wisdom, and understanding. Peace of mind and balance be made manifest within and through us.
We give thanks in the name of (name that which is sacred to you) and it is done!

I have practiced Ho’oponopono on a regular basis for years now. The effectiveness and outcomes always amaze me. Using Ho’oponopono with the right intention and attitude, never fails to produce the desired results. I often use it without having any specific problems and just address the prayer to the world which leaves me with a feeling of deep inner peace.

The divine powers of Ho’oponopono inspired my creation of the Magical Hawaiian Menehunes, Pono and Puli (Harmony and Blessing). Pono and Puli are Ho’oponopono mediators who perform a ritual to restore peace and harmony within their Menehune Ohana (family).

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