Friday, July 22, 2016

Aniani, Reflections from the Heart

Birth Date: Lulai 21, 2016 (07-21-16)

Aniani ho'onui 'ike
Reflections enlarge visions

Aniani's reflections from the heart enable true visions.

Aniani plays happily at Punalu'u Black Sand Beach with her brother Kanaloa.

Every once in a while she gazes into her little hand mirror and reflects on all the beauty around her. She observes and listens without judgment from the eye of her heart. Aniani has a gift of resolving any turmoil among her Ohana (family). She simply seeks the reflections of Aka, the essence of life and light. Soon Aniani is blessed with a true vision to the solution, which will restore peace and happiness for all.

Aniani's Tutu (grandmother) lovingly crafted her hand mirror out of mirror glass, bamboo, fabric and crystals. Tutu blessed the mirror with Hawaiian salt and special prayers. It is sacred now. The mirror was created for Aniani's visions and only she is allowed to touch it.
Tutu sewed a beautiful ocean blue dress with a moon and star design. She crocheted blue panties and blue little shoes.

Last Tutu created a special Plumeria hairpiece for beautiful little Aniani. All these precious things were Tutu’s gifts of Aloha (Love) to her beloved Mo’opuna Wahine (granddaughter).

 Aniani is about 4” tall fitting in the palm of your hand. The body is made out of stretch cotton. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. Aniani has tiny little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button.
All accessories were individually handcrafted.

Aniani is a one of a kind display doll handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls. She comes with her story and a certificate of authenticity.

Aniani reflects the essence of life and light.

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