Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lomi'ili'ili, the Hawaiian Dancing Healing Stones

Malama Ola 

Honor your Health 

As the soothing touch of ‘ili’ili caresses the skin, Mana (spiritual energy) starts flowing through the body restoring balance and harmony. 

In ancient times Kahunas (magicians) would travel Hawaii’s black sand beaches searching for the small lava stones called ‘Ili’ili. With spiritual guidance they accepted the gift of ‘Ili’ili if the signs were right. Before the healing began, they performed a ritual, cleaning the stones with fire and charging them with their Mana. Thus ‘Ili’ili became powerful healing tools.

In old Hawaii the loss of Pono was believed to be the cause of all illnesses. Kahunas used the therapeutic energy of ‘Ili’ili to call the spirits of the body, draw out the pain, and guide their patients onto the path of healing.

Mele (chant) and Hula were part of the healing process. The sacred ‘Ili’ilis were used as stone castanets which added sound, rhythm, cadence, and visual affects to the hula. Dancing and chanting invoked the ancestors’ blessings for restoring the body’s healing Mana.

Up to this day, Lomi’ili’ili is a massage where the hot lava stones are used as an extension of the hands to restore Pono (harmony) in mind, body and soul. It has become one of the most requested massage treatments in the world.

Lomi’ili’ili is healing beyond the body leading into spiritual transformation. 

‘Ili’ili was created in honor of the sacred Hawaiian dancing healing stones.

Birth Date: Kepakemapa 1, 2016 (09/01/16)

Allow ‘Ili’ili to be your healing guide. She will help you to restore Pono (harmony) in mind, body and soul.

Walking along beautiful Punalu’u Black Sands Beach, little ‘Ili’ili busily searches for the perfect small, black lava pebbles she is named after. When the signs are right and the spirits permit, she gathers the ‘ili’ilis into her sacred Pupu (shell). Chanting a Pule (prayer) to give thanks for the gift, ‘Ili’ili cleans the stones with fire and charges them with her Mana (spiritual energy).
As soon as ‘Ili’ili enters her Ohana’s (family’s) village, all the Menehunes gather around her. “Aloha e ‘Ili’ili!” they greet her respectfully. ‘Ili’ili is the Menehune’s healing dancer. They cherish her special Lomi’ili’ili massages. She always places and moves the sacred hot lava pebbles on just the right places of their bodies to draw out the pain. She also chants to invoke the blessings of the spirits and dances the wonderful Hula ‘ili’ili, using her lava rocks as stone castanets.

Being around ‘Ili’ili’s healing Mana leaves the Menehunes with a feeling of deep inner peace and happiness.

‘Ili’ili’s Tutu (grandmother) wove her Mana and Aloha (love) into her purple feather and sea grass Haku (head lei).Tutu sewed ‘Ili’ili’s’s purple dress and crocheted the matching panties and shoes. Last Tutu adorned ‘Ili’ili’s beautiful blond hair with a sweet smelling Plumeria flower. All these things were Tutu’s gifts of Aloha to her beloved Mo’opuna Wahine (granddaughter).

'Ili’ili is about 4” tall fitting in the palm of your hand. The body is made out of stretch cotton and wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. ‘Ili’ili has tiny little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button.
All accessories were individually handcrafted.

‘Ili’ili is a one of a kind collectible display dolls handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls. She comes with her story and a certificate of authenticity.

‘Ili’ili brings you the healing Mana of Hawaii.

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