Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hawaiian Angels, Guardians of the Soul

There is a love we always can depend on. We were born with it in the loving embrace of our guardian angel. Some may call it our inner spirit being whose devotion and infinite wisdom guards, guides and enlightens us on our life’s journey. All we ever need to do is turn within and ask our angel for help or inspiration. There always is a response offering strength and guidance. Maybe the answer doesn’t come right away, but there will be that moment of clarity when we just know what we need to do.
Awareness and opening ourselves to receive the message is crucial. Otherwise, it may be overlooked or not perceived correctly. Messages can come through a voice, a vision, a dream, or a sign. We must welcome this heavenly advice. Sometimes we may reject the message because it would lead us on a path we don’t want to take. The course of action may not make sense but somewhere inside it feels like the right thing to do. We then have to take the detour and follow this heavenly inner guidance trusting that everything is unfolding in a divine perfection which lays way beyond our imagination. Following the enlightened path of our guardian angel often leads to a seemingly magical, almost effortless conclusion of the issue.
Ancient Hawaiians referred to angels as Awaiku, the spiritual nature of human being. The Awaikus came from a place called Kaulike, where everything was in balance. Their home is Lanikeha, the high sky. Hawaiian Kahunas (magicians) called on the Awaiku’s healing powers, their protection and guidance in all life situations.
In most cultures the essence of angels is unconditional love. They beckon us to enter our sacred inner space to illuminate our lives with the light of consciousness.
The spirit of Christmas and the devotion of guardian angels inspired the creation of Anelalani (Heavenly Angel), a Hawaiian Menehune Christmas angel.

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  1. Nice post, my Tutu always talked to us about the angels that are around us...I still know they are there! Thanks!