Monday, February 20, 2012

Menehune Mana


Ancient Hawaiians possessed and practiced a deep genuine reverence for life. Their purpose was to discover and be part of the oneness of all life. They believed that Mana (energy) unites all: rocks, ocean, birds, plants, and people.

All affairs were conducted in accordance with nature. Asking permission of and giving thanks to nature was part of Hawaii’s customs acknowledging the spirit in all things and practicing devotion for life. Hawaiians called upon their inner wisdom to make the most out of nature’s offerings.

Through prayers and chants they honored the divinity within all things and people. Rather than wasting their energy talking, they went deep into silence communicating with nature and people through their minds. When they did talk their words carried the power of inner wisdom.

Hawaiians showed respect for all life. Nature responded to them by giving freely of her abundance and blessings.

Honu Iki

Hawaiians also had great healing skills. They believed that a person had to be first healed mentally and spiritually before treating the body. For that purpose they often used Ho’oponopono, a process of healing, forgiving, and putting things right.

Mana is the source underlying the wisdom of Hawaii’s spiritual journey. 

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