Monday, August 6, 2012

Kupukupu Keiki (Fern Baby)

Hawaiian tree ferns represent Spiritual Strength,

 Unity and Love.

The mana (spiritual energy) and beauty of the indigenous Hawaiian ferns inspired the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehune Baby, Kupukupu Keiki (Fern Baby).

Here is part of Kupukupu Keiki's story:

Kupukupu Keiki is a Menehune Fern Baby. Hawaiian tree ferns represent spiritual strength, unity and love. Nestled within the indigenous Hawaiian ferns, Kupukupu Keiki sleeps contently in his coconut cradle sucking his thumb.
All the Menehunes love Kupukupu Keiki. When he is hungry, they bring him with his favorite treats, Mai’as (bananas) and Kahikis (pineapples). He is their Keiki Punahele (beloved child). The Menehunes take turns watching over him at all times, rejoicing in his sweet innocence.
Surrounded by his Ohana’s (family’s) Aloha (love), Kupukupu Keiki sleeps peacefully in his coconut cradle. The deep inner knowing that he is always taken care of fills him with trust and love.
Kupukupu Keiki is only 7 months old. He just left the spiritual world and his memory and connection to his origin are very strong.

Kupukupu Keiki’s Mana (spiritual energy) channels awareness of the eternal presence of love within and all around us...

Kupukupu Keiki carries the spiritual power of Hawaii.

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