Friday, June 21, 2013

Piko, Hawaiian Crown of Mana

Nana I Ke Kumu
Look to the Source

In Hawaii the essence of the center of knowledge and wisdom are Pikos (crowns or summits).
Na piko 'ekolu, the three main Pikos, in our bodies represent the Lokahi Triangle of harmony. The crown piko or po'o, which is soft when we are born, connects us with Aumakua (ancestral spirits). The navel Piko relates to the earth and our Ohana (family). The Ma’i or genital Piko presents the future. Pikos are the summits, similar to chakras, from, which everything else moves.

The pikos in our bodies are similar to the Hawaiian concept of the Lokahi Triangle which refers to the balanced relationship between spirit, nature and humanity. Each element of the Lokahi Triangle contributes to spiritual and physical well being as well as to universal harmony.

Many Pikos can be found in nature on the Hawaiian Islands. The most sacred Piko is Mauna Kea on the Big Island. It is the highest mountain in the Us and believed to connect Hawaii to the heavens.

Maile, the Hawaiian lei of eternal love, represents the umbilical cord to the spiritual world.

Maile Lei

The umbilical cord of a newborn child also is referred to as Piko. Following Hawaiian custom, the parents took their baby’s Piko (umbilical cord) to a lava field where they placed it in a hole and covered it with a rock. They believed that the Mana (spiritual energy) of the lava would bless their children with a long and prosperous life and root them to their ancestral lands.

When the Pikos in our bodies are balanced, we enter a state of peacefulness, love, confidence and harmony where we connect with Ola (life force) and build Mana (spiritual energy).

Menehune Boy Piko was created in the spirit of the Lokahi Triangle of harmony.

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