Friday, July 28, 2017

Lehua, Flower Sacred to the Gods

'Flower Sacred to the Gods'
Birth Date: Lulai 21, 2017 (07/21/17)

Lehua invites you to enter her sacred space so that your beauty can unfold like the precious blossoms of the Hawaiian Ohia Tree.

Oli Aloha
Onaona i ka hala me ka lehua
He hale lehua no ia na ka noe
O ka`u no ia e `ano`i nei
E lia`a nei ho`i o ka hiki mai
A hiki mai no `oe
Hiki pu no me ke aloha
Aloha e, aloha e

Fragrant with the breath of hala and lehua
This is the sight I long to see
Of this, my present desire
Your coming fills me with eagerness
Now that you have come
Loves comes with you
Greetings, greetings

Lehua is named after the beautiful flowers of the indigenous Hawaiian Ohia Tree, which is the first form of life to grow directly out of the hardened black lava. Lehua, means "Flower sacred to the Gods" in the Hawaiian language.

Lehua wears a blue sundress with red Lehua flowers and white Plumeria Flowers. Her white sandals are decorated with pink crystals. Her Lauhala hat protects her from the sun and is surrounded by a red feather lei. Lehua's neck is adorned with a heart shaped crystal necklace. She carries a white Plumeria flower as a gift to you.

Lehua is a 10” tall cloth doll who was individually handcrafted on the Big Island of Hawaii with the greatest love and respect for all that is Hawaii.
Her body is made out of doll skin and stuffed with high quality poly fill. The body is wired for flexibility. The legs are jointed. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face.
All accessories are individually hand crafted.

Lehua is a one of a kind Hawaiian Art Doll. Every bit of her has been lovingly handcrafted, to create a new friend who will last a lifetime. 

Lehua is ready to be your new friend and charm her way into your heart.

Huggable Menehune Dolls are made for the young at heart and meant to bring their magic into your and your children's life (6 years and older).
Huggable Menehune Dolls are adorable and lovable little creatures. If you hanai (adopt) them, love them and take care of them, they will reward you with their unconditional Aloha (love).
Each doll is an original design and comes with a booklet and a certificate of authenticity.

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