Thursday, August 3, 2017

Moana inspired Island Princess Art Doll

Moana (Ocean)
Birth Date: 'Aukake 4, 2017 (08-04-17)

Moana conveys empowering messages of faith and courage.
She inspires us to believe in ourselves and persevere.

Moana is named after her best friend and greatest teacher, the ocean. Vibrant and adventurous, she reflects faith, determination and courage.

Moana carries the sacred conch shell, which leads her to the heart.
Moana wears a grass skirt with a red, yellow and brown top and matching pants. Her outer skirt is decorated with Plumeria flowers and a belt matching her top. A white conch shell lei is wrapped around her top. Moana's neck is adorned with a magical seashell necklace.
Moana is a 10” tall cloth doll who was individually handcrafted on the Big Island of Hawaii with the greatest love and respect for all that is Hawaii.
Her body is made out of doll skin and stuffed with high quality poly fill. The body is wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. All accessories are individually hand crafted.

Moana is a one of a kind Hawaiian Art Doll. Every bit of her has been lovingly handcrafted, to create a new friend who will last a lifetime. 

Moana reflects the Aloha spirit of Hawaii.
She is ready to be your new friend and charm her way into your heart.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Huggable Menehune Dolls!

Huggable Menehune Dolls are made for the young at heart and meant to bring their magic into your and your children's life.
Huggable Menehune Dolls are adorable and lovable little creatures. If you hanai (adopt) them, love them and take care of them, they will reward you with their unconditional Aloha (love).
Each doll is an original design and comes with a booklet and a certificate of authenticity.

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