Thursday, January 30, 2014

Magical Menehunes Tailored to the Heart

Menehune Babies: Maile and Puli (Blessing) with Pueo (Owl)

Recently a pregnant lady requested a custom order for 2 Menehune Babies from me: one for her unborn child and one for her infant daughter. She wanted them to convey the Aloha spirit of Hawaii with a Pueo as their Guardian Spirit.
She specified her preferences for colors, leis, coconut cradles, etc., and her ideas stimulated my creativity. I started adding and integrating certain aspects to my art which I had never considered before.

I kept working on what was becoming one of the most inspiring projects I have done. I was losing and finding myself in the developing spirits of the dolls.

Without me knowing it, the first Menehune was finished on the same day the baby was born.
The spiritual connection people, who have never even met, can make is just amazing.

Maile, Puli and Pueo became a spiritual and priceless gift to the Babies, my customer and myself.


Here is part of Maile's story:

“Eia la he 'ala, he' ala anuanu, he ala hu'ihu'i, eia la i ka houpo
Here is a fragrance, a beautiful fragrance that goes to my heart.” 

The Menehunes are chanting softly to Maile. Maile is a newborn pepe (baby) and the Menehune’s Keiki Punahele (beloved child). Surrounded by her Ohana’s (family’s) Aloha (love), Maile lies contently in her coconut cradle sucking on her thumb.
The Menehunes rejoice in her sweet innocence. They love and always watch over her, nurturing her with warm baby milk whenever she is hungry.
Maile is named after the traditional Maile Lei which in Hawaii represents the umbilical cord to the spiritual world. Maile just left the spiritual world and her memory and connection to her origin are very strong. The deep inner knowing that she is always taken care of fills her with trust and love.

Maile’s Mana (spiritual energy) helps us to reconnect with our spiritual origin, the eternal presence of love within and all around us...

Puli (Blessing) & Pueo (Owl)

Here is part of Puli's and Pueo's story:

Puli is a happy little Menehune Pepe (baby). Puli’s name means ‘Blessing’ and her magical Mana (spiritual energy) radiates blessings of love and joy upon everybody she meets. 
Puli’s Aumakua (Guardian Spirit) is Pueo, the Hawaiian Owl. The Pueo has always been sacred to the Hawaiian people and is considered a guardian and the bringer of good luck”.
Puli is so closely connected to her Aumakua that Pueo chose her as a close friend. Pueo appears whenever Puli calls on her but she also often comes on her own at important times of change when she knows that her advice is needed. Pueo always lands on Puli’s left hand where they greet each other with love and respect. Together they honor Hawaii’s enchanting Aloha spirit.
Puli knows that Pueo brings Mana, supernatural powers. Her messages are revealed to her in visions and dreams. Puli always follows Pueo’s guidance and advise knowing that it will keep her and her Menehune Ohana (family) save from all harm and lead them to happiness and good fortune.

Let all your cares fall away, pursue that which brings you joy, and soar with Puli and Pueo above all limitations...

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