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The Ancient Hawaiian Path to Health and Harmony: Lomilomi and Ho'oponopono

Ka 'Ike iho nei

E ho'olalelale ka 'ike, 'ike iho nei. E ho'olalelale ka wailua, wailua iho nei
Inspire the knowledge, the knowledge within. Inspire the spirit, the spirit within.

E ho'olalelale ka 'uhane, uhane iho nei. E ho'olalelale ka leo, leo iho nei
Inspire the soul, the soul within. Inspire the voice, the voice within.

E 'imi, e 'imi, e 'imi loa'a iho nei
Seek, seek, seek until it is found. 
(Kumu Keala Ching; to seek our deeper knowledge within.) 

In ancient Hawaii Kahunas combined Lomilomi or "Loving Hands" massage with Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian way of “making things right”, to heal not only the body but the roots of the problems stored deep within the body’s tissues. The chants and movements of these sacred healing rituals awaken spiritual love. They open a space in hearts, minds, and bodies to invoke healing, love, and harmony within our physical and spiritual selves.
According to Hawaiian beliefs, we are connected through our aka (cords of energy, also umbilical cord) to each other and everything around us. The relationship to ourselves, nature, and others is like a net. If any part of it is in disharmony the whole net becomes tangled, resulting in sickness, frictions and conflicts. Through Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono we are releasing guilt, resentments, or tensions correlated with past behaviors and restoring the net with balance health, and harmony.
The traditional healing through Lomilomi massage started 800 years ago.
Right breathing and Hula movements are an important part of Lomilomi massage, enhancing the free flow of energy throughout the body which manifests physical and spiritual healing.

“Ke lomi lomi ana kou kino me ke aloha lokomaikai" 
Lomi Lomi with love 

The ancient Hawaiian ceremony of Ho’oponopono is all about forgiveness, to clear the path in order to ascend to peace and harmony within ourselves and our relationships.
The rituals of Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono always begin with a Hawaiian pule (prayer) of heartfelt love, humbleness and respect for the Divine within and all around us.
It is a way of letting go and clearing the path to balance and resolve internal conflicts within our bodies, minds, relationships, or surroundings. The end result is true healing and enlightenment. With Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono we can erase or change unwanted negative energies and thoughts, replacing them with new thoughts which ultimately will bring about health, harmony, love and a feeling of deep inner peace.

The divine powers of Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono inspired the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehunes, Lili and Lomi.

Here is Lili’s and Lomi’s story:

Lili and Lomi

The Divine Powers of Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono

Birthdate: Ianuali 3rd, 2014 (01/03/14)

Lili and Lomi are Menehune Ma Hoes (twins). They are the Menehune’s ambassadors of health and harmony. Together they perform the powerful, ancient Hawaiian rituals of Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono.

Open yourself to Lili’s and Lomi’s Mana (spiritual energy). With the power of Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono they will help you to manifest health, love and harmony within yourself and your relationships.

Whenever there is trouble or sickness among members of their Menehune Ohana (family), Lili and Lomi appear to make things right again through Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono. They begin their ritual with a heartfelt pule (prayer) of love and respect to the Divine asking for health, balance and harmony to be restored:

E ho'olalelale ka 'ike, 'ike iho nei. E ho'olalelale ka wailua, wailua iho nei
Inspire the knowledge, the knowledge within. Inspire the spirit, the spirit within.

Lili waves her Ti leaf to clear the path for truth to appear. Lomi’s loving massages awaken the spirit of love in their Ohana. His Ihoiho (torch) represents the shining heart of love and forgiveness.
Lili and Lomi never fail to restore health and harmony within their Menehune Ohana. They also never forget to bring a gift of Aloha (love). Today Lili carries sweet Hawaiian Mai’as (bananas) and Kahikis (pineapples) in her basket for everybody to share.
When Lili and Lomi close their rituals of Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono all pains and troubles have been resolved and the Menehunes once again wear big smiles of happiness on their faces.
Lili is named after Lili’uokalani, Hawaii’s last and only queen. Her name means “Lili of the Heaven”. She has long, black hair, brown eyes and a gentle, caring smile on her face.
Tutu sewed Lili’s pink lava lava (wraparound) and a matching pink top which she adorned with a crystal. Tutu also wove Lili’s sunhat and basket and crocheted her pink panties. Last she gave her beloved Mo’opuna Wahine (granddaughter) a sweet smelling white Plumeria flower to put behind her ear.
Lomi wears a white lava lava (wraparound) with a Maile leaf and green crocheted underwear. Lomi’s Kuku (grandfather) crafted the Ihoiho (torch) out of bamboo and lauhala and fueled it with Kukui Nut oil. It was Kuku’s gift of Aloha to his beloved Mo’opuna Kane (grandson).
Lili’s and Lomi’s Tutu (grandmother) wove her Mana (spiritual energy) and Aloha (love) into Lomi’s ankle and wrist leis. She made them out of the beautiful Hawaiian Kupukupu ferns. Tutu picked and polished Kukui nuts and strung a necklace for her Mo’opuna Kane. The Kukui Nut represents spirit revealing itself. The necklace blesses and protects Lomi.
Lili and Lomi are about 3.5” tall fitting in the palm of your hand. Their bodies are made out of stretch cotton and wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto their faces. Lili and Lomi have tiny little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button. All accessories were individually handcrafted.

Lili and Lomi cannot be apart. Holding hands, they walk through the beautiful Ohia forest rejoicing in the splendor of nature.

Lili and Lomi are one of a kind collectible display dolls handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls.They come with their story and a certificate of authenticity.

Lili and Lomi channel balance and harmony.

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