Monday, January 27, 2014

Maile, the Lei of Eternal Love

In Hawaii Maile leis represent the umbilical cord to the spiritual world.

Offering a Maile lei has been and still is of great cultural significance to the Hawaiian people. Weaved into the lei is the Mana (spiritual energy) and spirit of Aloha of the artist. Draping a Maile lei around a person is a significant gesture of love, honor, and respect.
Maile leis are rare and considered the most precious of all leis. The native Hawaiian vine, with shiny fragrant leaves and bark grows in the upland forest. The long lasting lei is made of the stems and leaves in an open ended horse shoe fashion reaching from around the neck to the legs.

“Eia la he 'ala, he' ala anuanu, he ala hu'ihu'i, eia la i ka houpo
Here is a fragrance, a cool fragrance, a chilling fragrance that goes to my heart.” 

In old Hawaii Maile was used for peace treaties. Rival chiefs would meet in a heiau (temple) to weave a Maile lei. After completing the lei peace was declared.
Maile is also considered sacred to Laka, the Hawaiian Goddess of Hula. To honor Laka, Maile is offered at her altar during hula dances.
At weddings Maile leis are often used as a symbol of eternal love.

The various significant meanings and uses of the sacred Maile lei inspired the creation of Menehune Baby Maile.

Here is part of Maile’s story:

All the Menehunes love Maile. She is their Keiki Punahele (beloved child). The Menehunes always watch over her and nurture her, rejoicing in her sweet innocence.
Maile is a Menehune pepe (baby). Surrounded by her Ohana’s (family's) Aloha (love), she sleeps contently in her coconut cradle sucking on her thumb.
Maile wears a Maile Lei (native Hawaiian vine) around her neck which in Hawaii represents the umbilical cord to the spiritual world. Maile is only 3 months old. She just left the spiritual world and her memory and connection to her origin are very strong. The deep inner knowing that she is always taken care of fills her with trust and love.

Maile’s Mana (spiritual energy) helps us to reconnect with our spiritual origin, the eternal presence of love within and all around us...

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